Term 4 Evaluation

Term four has whizzed by and we can’t believe that it is nearly Christmas.  Just like every other term, we have been extremely busy with lots of different experiences and exciting learning.
Some highlights for us have been Seed2Table with Joy.  We loved going into the kitchen every Friday and enjoyed the surprise of the menu each week.  Some of the skills we learned included dicing, chopping, trying new foods, whisking, mixing, planting, weeding, and identifying plants.  By far, the best part was celebrating our achievements and going to Ross Intermediate for our final week – the dessert (Eton mess) was definitely a big hit!
Athletics day was a great day filled with lots of activity and fun.  We pushed ourselves to the limits to achieve the best that we could.  Kiwi house won the overall points!
At the start of Term 4 we all completed PAT tests.  Without exception, every single member of Digibots made significant improvement on their results.  Approximately one-third of us were assessed at 2years above our current level and still did extremely well – what stars!
The end of term has seen us celebrating all of our wonderful achievements.  We had Monday Fun-Day to celebrate great learning.  This included wearing pjs, shared lunch, waterslide, treasure hunt, game of flags and a movie.
Reports went home on Tuesday and we were able to share with our families the fabulous progress we have made in 2011.

Happy holidays!



Athletics At the Massey Track

WALT: Reflect on our learning

Task: To write a blog post about athletics day
Criteria: I have…

  • Described (in detail) what I did at athletics
  • Described the highlight of the day for me
  • Included a photo slideshow with between 10 and 25 photos


Last week the whole school went to the Massey Track to do athletics. At athletics we went into our year group and our gender to do all the rotations. They are Long Distance running, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Javelin, Discus and Shot put. When we got to the massey track we had to split into our house groups. I am in Tui. GO tui!! I didn’t come 1st 2nd or 3rd in anything. The thing that I did best at was the javelin and discus. I did bad at high jump and long distance running . We have not figured out which house has won yet.

Here is a photo slide show from athletics.

Week 7 Reflection


Week 7 Reflection


Guess What? I didn’t achieve my goal this week because me and Emma didn’t get our MMM’S finished.


What?  I did get my Character Sketch on my blog about my Poppa and I nearly finished my bird art


So what? This week I learnt lots of things from D3’s exhibiton in the hall. At the Exhibition I learnt that there used to be a play shed in our school and that People played in there on wet Play time. I also learnt what type of games that they played. They played marbles and lots of hand games.


Now what? My goal for next week is to do well in the Under 15 rep tournament for three days. I want to get a couple of wickets in the tournament when I am bowling and score lots of runs when I am batting.


Character Sketch (My Poppa)

WALT: Write with imagery (show not tell)

Imagery is the use of vivid description, usually rich in sensory words, to create pictures, or images, in the reader’s mind.


TASK: Describe a character in a way that the reader gets a clear picture of them in their


Success Criteria:

  • I can Provide some interesting details about the character, (perhaps using an anecdote);
  • I can show the reader some honest feelings about the character;
  • I can use specific vocabulary, especially adjectives and verbs;
  • I can use language features that illustrate and support the image of the character (for example, similes [compare using ‘like’ or ‘as’] or dialogue).
Here is my Character Sketch on my Awesome Poppa

Character Sketch

My Favourite Relative, My poppa


My favourite relative is my tall and funny Poppa. He was born in  green, grassy Ireland not far from Dublin he now lives on a farm in New Plymouth. He is always being funny and being nice. He always has his grey hair tied back in a middle sized pony tail he has a bit of hair not heaps and heaps though. He also has extremely wrinkly skin that I like to play with. He is very funny he always says jokes but sometimes they aren’t that funny.


He takes us out for lunch and gives us $50 dollars on our birthday although sometimes he gives us a bit more he also takes us out for lunch which is really fun. He and my nana like to drink strawberry milkshakes from wendys. They always take us down to the dairy and we can get one thing sometimes two. When him and nana come down to Palmerston North they stay at the camping ground which is on the other side of town next to the river. If it is our birthday then we are able to stay with him and nana at the camping ground it is really fun. We normally get there at 10:30 or sometime around there.


Poppa is really fun because when we ask him if we can go into town with him he would usually say Yes. When we got to the plaza he gives us $10 or $5 to spend at any shop and sometimes he pays a little extra for things that are over $10 or $5. He spends a lot of money on us. Him and nana always come and watch my under 15 games in New Plymouth if we have a game over there. He goes to work nearly every nigh and it is annoying because then he can’t stay with us as long. He also comes down to Christmas (sometimes) although some of the time he just’s sends us presents or some money.


When we are in the lounge he normally falls asleep because he is so tired from the day it is really funny because he just randomly falls asleep. One of the funniest memories that I have had with him is when we were at the movies watching Ice Age 2 or 3 he fall asleep it was a bit embarrassing but it was really funny and I don’t think anyone noticed him.

When I go to town with him and nana I always go to rebel sport first and I try to look for some sports clothes but there was nothing for $50. He sometimes tries to play basketball against me but I waste him up. He is the funniest, awesomest, kindest money spender you could ever find. Something else that is awesome about him is that I can watch him sleep and play with his funny wrinkly skin.

Shape Bird Art!

WALT: to use water colours effectively.

Success Criteria:

  • I have used watercolours to make a background, blending yellow and red
  • Dabbed background to make it have a ‘splotchy’ effect
  • Contrasting colours between background and foreground (bird)
  • I have a bold vivid outline
  • My picture has an interesting range of shapes
  • I have used pastels to colour in shapes with vibrant colours
  • My bird is an abstract design (not realistic)


In room 14 we have been doing some bird art with Nicole called Shaped Bird Art.  I like my bird because I think that it looks good and the body looks correct I also like the shapes in the body of my bird. I could have cut my bird out a bit better because I accidentally cut out my tail.

To do the bird art we had to:

1. Chose a bird and draw it’s body

2. Draw the shapes in the middle

3. Outline the body and the shapes in the body.

4. Colour in the shapes with pastel

5. Paint with water colours in your body and beak and face (not including the shapes)                             Here is Mine!!!

6. Cut it out

7. Do the background with water colour paints.

8. Stick the bird onto the background and then put it on a black piece of paper.


and thats how you make Shaped Bird Art


Week 7 Goal

My goal for this week is to get my MMM’s edited and on my blog and on youtube.

Why? Because me and emma have been working on it for quite a while and we need to get it finished.

How? By concentrating on our work and not talking and if we need help we should ask.

Week 6 Reflection

Guess What? I didn’t achieve my goal because me and Emma have had big fights this week and we didn’t talk to each other for about 10 minutes and so we couldn’t work as hard as we  could together because we needed to talk about our people and how they were going.


What? This week me and Emma J have been working on our MMM’s (Multi Media Misson) and trying to get onto our filming and finish it by the end of the day. For the MMM’s we are doing a soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona FC.


So What? This week I learnt that in the Multi Media Mission me and Emma needed to communicate to get our MMM’s done or else to would have been more difficult to get it finished if we weren’t talking to each other.


Now What:  My goal is to get my MMM’s finished by Wednesday so that we don’t spend all our time on the Multi Media Mission.

Seed 2 Table Week 5

WALT: Reflect on our learning

Task: To write a blog post about week 5 S2T learning
Criteria: I have…

  • Described (in detail) what I/my group did in Seed 2 Table this week
  • Described at least 3 science discoveries I made or new learning from this week’s rotation in the kitchen, including what helped me to understand this.
  • Described the menu and included my response to the food, explaining the food textures and flavours.
  • Included at least 1 photo to support my writing
  • Written about 1 thing that I am proud of myself from week 5 S2T.



This week we went to Ross Intermediate for Seed 2 Table week 5. This week each of our groups had our own little kitchen in the same room. The menu for this week was

Mini Hunza Pies

Stuffing Balls

Chicken Meatballs

Eton Mess


Eton Mess is middle sized meringue pieces with whipped cream and strawberries  in it.  It was delicious it was the best food at seed 2 table this term. This week was the last week I have really enjoyed seed 2 table this term. I have learned a lot from seed 2 table in the garden, science and in the kitchen . Some things that I have learned at seed 2 table is how far plants have to be away from each other. I have learned how to chop properly and how to chop safely. One way to chop safely is make your hand into a fist so that it doesn’t chop one of your fingers off it would only graze your skin. I was making the stuffing balls and then once I had finished them I helped James with the Eton mess. It was delicious. Then Samantha came over and helped me and James with it.

Flat Grace (first try)

WALT: think outside the square and write creativelySuccess Criteria:

  • Words that are imaginative and maybe made up!
  • Use imagery – create a picture in peopleʼs minds
  • Use a range of language features e.g similes, adjectives, metaphors etc.
  • Ideas are going to be original
  • Some ideas will be shared and used in different way



A day in the Life of Flat Grace!

I woke up in the morning I was feeling excited for some reason. I got up and got dressed into some jeans and a purple t-shirt. Then I went downstairs and had breakfast. Suddenly there was an earthquake and I was just standing under some cupboards and they fell on me!

I screamed and my family came running down the stairs. “Whats Wrong Grace?”

I could barely talk but I could just say “The cupboards fell on me” “HELP!!!”  So my strong family lifted the cupboards off me. I was as flat as a pancake.

Then I said “I am going upstairs to bed.”

Then my dad said “What a bad start to your 12th birthday.”

Then I stopped right in the doorway and walked back to where the accident occurred. “What did you get me?”

“Well lets go up to our room and open your presents.”

I got some clothes, some makeup, some money, a new phone and my favourite  a Kitten!!!

“Now I am going to take you to the hospital” so my dad took me on a half an hour car drive to the stenchy hospital. I hate the hospital the thought of death is revolting. Then when we got there it was 12:05 am. I was feeling tired  and exhausted. Then my dad grabbed my hand and we rushed inside and he went up to the receptionist and said “My daughter is as flat as a pancake”

The receptionist leaned over her desk and said “WOW you are as flat as a pancake” then she said in her microphone “I need 2 nurses to the front desk now.” Then 2 nurses appered and said “You look as flat as  a pancake”. Then they took me up to my own hospital room and I went straight to sleep in my hospital bed. Then after being asleep for what seemed forever a women come into my room and said “get up sleepy head” and she gave me a laminated piece of paper.

“What is this?” I asked her.

“breakfast menu” “Come down to the cafe for breakfast”

Then I looked at my watch it was 8:00. Then I got dressed I got into my I heart Justin t-shirt (I love justin bieber) and some skinny jeans.  Then I was walking down to the hospital cafe and I thought that it was taking forever then I decided to run. Then I saw a lift and I decided to use it and since I knew that it was on  the firt floor. Then I went to he bench and ordered I requested for French Toast with cinniamon and sugar and a hot chocolate for the drink. Then after about 15 I got my delicous breakfast and then 5 minutes later I got my hot chocolate five minutes afterwards. It was the best     highest quality food I have had for a long time. The hot chocolate was creamy and chocloty. Then I saw that my family was coming in the door and I raced torwards them and gave them hugs first my mum then my dad

“Hi mum Hi dad”

“hi” they said back.

Then I saw that my dad had a plastic bag and I asked him “what is in that plastic bag Dad?”

“Oh this plastic bag” said Dad. “It just has a few things for you“what is in there?” I asked him “A radio a Justin Bieber CD and a poster of Justin Bieber!” “Thank you guys so much”“Then I went up to my room and I started to play justin bieber and I put up the poster up on my room and I laid on my bed and stared at the justin bieber poster while listening to First Dance. But then I thought that I might be able to get out using my flat body. My plan was to sneak out the window at night because I was so skinny. Then I had to go down to the hospital cafe for morning tea I was feeling enourmasly hungry. So I just had a average ham, cheese and lettuce and a coke. Then I went back upstairs to my room and I read a book about justin bieber. Then I realised that there was no window and I was having a dream about having a plan to sneak out the window. Then a women came in and said “Grace time for your shower” so I had to go and have a shower. It took about half an hour to have it and then it was 12:00 in the afternoon. I had to go down to the cafe AGAIN and have lunch. This time I had soup it was pumpkin soup and it was horrible I hated it and I would never have it again. Then I wandered around the hospital being bored out of my skin. Then I noticed that there was someone else in the hospital called Grace and then I opened the door and she looked exactly like me she had brown hair and brown eyesbut I asked her if she likes Justin Bieber but she said “No I hate him he is ugly” then I was out of there quickly and I was offended badly and then she ran out and said “I was joking I love him he is so awesome I am never going to say never.” Then I went back into her room and asked her “What’s your favourite song?” “My favourite song is One Time””Mine is First Dance.”Then I said “gotta go bye” Then it was 1:45 in the afternoon and I was just lying in my bed when I saw a little wide spacious gap I thought to my self I might be able to fit in that gap. So I went and looked at it and I knew that I could be able to fit in there. So I went in th gap and there was a little bottle it was in a different langue it was in pourteges but then I saw that there was a dictonary translating pourtegss to english. I translated what it said on the bottle and it said  “Make you unflat and Normal”



But then I was wondering how I would take the medicine so I decided that I would hide it and wait till night to take it. I was feeling very excited  thrilled that I used my flatness for something that would help me.  Then I put the little bottle under my pillow and layed down on my bed and I stared at my Justin Bieber poster.  Then I looked at my watch it was 2:30 in the afternoon I decided that I would watch T.V to pass the time. So I turned the T.V on and I  was thrilled because Never Say Never was on and it had just started I neraly screamed outloud I was that happy. Then after about 3 hours I looked at my watch it was 5:30 in the evening and then the same women that come in to tell me it was lunch came in and she said Dinner Time come down to the cafe and you can order some dinner. So I turned off the T.V and I came down to the cafe I was starving for some reason so I ran to the lift pressed level one and then I was down to the cafe. I ordered a salad with a steak it was delicous I loved it. Then I went back upstairs and watched T.V for a couple of hours then I went to bed and at 12:37 at night and then I started to drink the medecine it was yucky but I drank it anyway because I knew that I had to do it if I didn’t want to be flat for the rest of my life. Then after I had drunk all of it I was back to normal I was a bit disapointed though because I didn’t get to do anything with my flatness apart from going in that gap and thats all but I badly wanted to get back to normal again. Then the next morning I had looked at myself and I was great. Then alll the nurses said “wow how did you fix your body?”

“I had a little bit of medicine to help”

“Where did you get it from?”

”I found it” Was my reply. Then I called my family and I said “I am going to be coming home today” “My dad said YAHH”







Seed 2 Table Week 4






WALT: Reflect on our learning


Criteria: I have…

  • Described (in detail) what I/my group did in Seed 2 Table this week
  • Described at least 3 science discoveries I made or new learning from this week’s rotations (science with Joy, kitchen or gardening), including what helped me to understand this.
  • Described the menu and included my response to the food, explaining the food textures and flavours.
  • Included at least 1 photo to support my writing
  • Written about 1 thing that I am proud of myself from this week’s S2T.

Last Friday we did Seed 2 table week 4.

My group did gardening first and then we did science.

In the garden we planted things like lettuce and spring onions and lots of other plants. Me and Samantha had to do the compost so we didn’t get to do any planting apart from at the start we got to take out some weeds but we didn’t get to do any actual planting.

For the compost there was a big box of soil with green things like lettuce scraps and other food scraps and after Samantha scooped out a big lot of the soil with a spade there were some green things poking out so I had to pick them out and put them on the ground and then Samantha put the soil in the box next to the box that had the soil in it which was in the middle of the three boxes and then we countinued doing it again and there was a lot of soil in it and it took us about 20 minutes to get halfway. There were snails and worms in there so we had to chuck them out.

In science we mashed up some beans and some bread we

mashed them because Joy was showing us what it does in the mouth and then she used this thing that had a skinny neck and we used that as the osophegas and then Joy put it down the neck and it showed us what it does when it goes down the neck. Then she told us about our intestines and how
that if you eat food it takes about 10 hours to get down to your stomach.

Some of the things that I learnt were that when food goes down your neck it takes 10 hours to get down your intestines.

In the garden I learnt how to do the compost and why we do it. I also learnt how close certain plants have to be and
how far away others have to be.


The menu was: Mexican Rice with tomatoes

Mexican Vegetabale Wraps

Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

Corn Bread Muffins


The things that I was proud of was: How well I listened to Joy and How I knew what she said after. I was also proud of how I did in the Garden.


I really liked the wraps that were kind of spicey but they were not extremley Spicey they were just right they looked good and they were good.

The Corn Bread muffins were strange and they had a yum taste but they were different because of the corn they looked really different. They were quite flat.

The Rice was  quite plain and they didn’t have much taste to them it was different from usual rice.

The Mexican Cinniamon Cookies were yum they were mini and they were much different then our normal cookies and I liked the outside and the inside was quite hard.


Next Week I am looking forward to: Going to Ross Intermidate for cooking and being able to cook in a different kitchen (hopefully a bigger one)